Knowing When to List Has its Advantages for San Francisco Home Sellers


Despite the recently spooked stock market and the Fed saber rattling about rising interest rates, there's still low SF inventory and high rents heating up the SF listing market. In fact, we’re still seeing 2 to 10 bids for each property and there are 47 single family homes and 70 2-bedroom condos under $1.5M in all of San Francisco now. In other words, early Spring is the time to list your SF home. 

The warmer months in No. California, March – June coincide nicely with gay pride week, after which San Franciscans like to flee the cold-in-the-summer micro-climate. After that the second SF Real Estate buying season kicks off. It starts after Labor Day and runs through the end of November. That leaves real estate agents like me to catch our breath over the holidays until it kicks off again in early Spring. Fewer listings = higher chance of a commanding a good price for your home!!! 

Who doesn’t want a good price for their home? Early Spring and after Labor day seem to be consistently excellent times to get your home listed before the market gets crowded in late Spring and fall. There’s always more inventory to choose from then, meaning listers (that’s you) will reap the rewards from more competition. Competition = Lower inventory!

Three things to look for in a listing agent

Beyond being aware of optimal listing times, you will also want to be careful to pick a real estate agent that can tell you:  

  1. When the best listing season is for your area, town or city

  2. Block-by-block, local house pricing knowledge, networks and resources

  3. If he/she has an in with the RE community for off-market listings

  4. His/her strategy to get the best price possible for the current market all backed by his/her local knowledge

You are trying to generate a bidding war, right? To get a high ($$$$ per sq. ft) over-asking price, aren’t you?  

3> bids + low inventory + a good real estate agent with a local expertise = Bidding War!


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