Your online presence could cost you your dream job, but what about your dream home?

Photo : @BrookeLark

Photo : @BrookeLark

If you were born after 1985, you remember when MySpace first came out. Tom was your best friend, selfies were just becoming a ‘thing’ and the flow of information that we could share with our loved ones and not so loved ones felt like a level of freedom beyond our wildest dreams.

Not too long after that came the advent of Facebook & Twitter when we were all smacked squarely in the face with a major reality check : The flow of free information meant that anyone can ‘pre-screen’ you and more importantly what you share with the online world can be very limiting. This was and is especially true of course when it comes to applying for jobs. I guess that’s what they mean by the power of the internet, huh?

Can Your Online Presence Cost You Your Dream Home?

Well, yes, but in some cases it could help you land it.

Recently I was a listing agent on a hot property that I knew would have a lot of interest. We had thirteen offers & the top three were pretty similar, but 1 offer had a contingency. Now as the listing agent, I googled each of the holders of the top 3 offers, which is pretty natural. I say this because as a listing agent, if you can’t find any information on a buyer, it raises a red flag. Are they even real?

Little did I know at the time, however, that my seller had done the same thing. She found out that the buyer who had made the contingent offer had recently (and unfortunately) been through a major divorce, which (fortunately) had landed her a pretty sizable settlement. This meant that my seller knew that her buyer had the qualifications (i.e. funds) to buy. Which meant, bing, bam, boom the contingent offer nabbed the sale.

But There’s More : Picking the Right Realtor Has it’s Advantages

There’s one piece of the story we haven’t talk about yet, the role of the realtor. A well connected realtor matters, you want to make sure the realtor representing the buyer has a presence. Why? Well if as the listing agent I had two similar offers and one of realtors was not well regarded in the industry, I would definitely recommend my client pick the offer with a well connected realtor.

But Wait, This is the Best Reason to Have the Right Realtor

Outside of this, a known realtor means a well connected realtor, which matters. For example, you want to make sure your realtor is part of the Top Agent Network. Only the top 10% of realtors are a part of this and like most exclusive clubs, there is information shared here that isn’t shared anywhere else, like exclusive access to pocket (off-market) listings, insight on specific upcoming listings and whether unicorns really do exist.

And guess what? In real estate, they do.