Three Hot New Neighborhoods Every San Francisco Home Buyer Should Consider

I remember when I first became a real estate agent. Bright eyed and bushy tailed, the city was my oyster. I knew enough about the city to know the ‘desirable’ areas and the ‘less desirable’ areas, but I assumed that I could & would find a buyer for each. I thought : “There is no way everyone would want the same type of house in just a select few locations, right?”


If I’ve mentioned (blogged about) it once, I’ve mentioned it a million times. At any given point in time, all of my buyers want the same thing and want to live in 1 of 5 neighborhoods (and there are 36 in the city, wrap your head around that!). When I first ventured into the world of real estate, everyone wanted to be in Noe Valley. Then a few years back, an article came out that Bernal Heights was the hot new neighborhood and finding a decent price/sq ft became nearly impossible. But with the influx of tech talent, lively neighborhoods like The Mission with its great food & cafe options have become more popular.

The Greater the Demand, The Less the Supply, The Higher the Cost or Economics 101:

As with any city, space is limited. The general real estate boom has only increased and with no sign of slowing down, many of my clients are looking at new neighborhoods where they can put down roots. And because the city isn’t getting any bigger, it only makes sense that areas which were previously rejected by San Francisco neighborhood purists are now an option.

So what are the hot new neighborhoods for San Francisco home buyers?



Located just south of the 280 Highway, this is really a San Francisco hidden gem that brings you all of the benefits city living without the price tag. An especially great option for families with the centrally located Balboa Park.

Walkability Score : 80

Transit Score : 85 (Easy walk to Glen Park Bart Station)

Cafes :

pasted image 0.png

Double Shot Coffee

A San Francisco mural decorates this compact spot with coffee & tea, plus bagels, panini & pastries.

Homes for sale :

pasted image 0 (1).png

8-18 Colonial Way SUITE 1,San Francisco, CA 94112

4 beds 3 baths 2,050 sqft : $1,700,000



214 Maynard St San Francisco, CA 94112

2 beds 1.5 baths 1,500 sqft : $1,195,000




Sunnyside is the new Bernal Heights. A safe and very family friendly neighborhood, Sunnyside offers San Francisco residents what other neighborhoods lack. A couple of big bonus’ include great school options for families with children, plus one of the highest rated coffee shops in the city. (see below :))

Highest sale : $2.750M

Walkability Score : 70

Transit Score : 80

Cafes :

pasted image 0 (7).png

Cup cafe

This contemporary, quaint cafe offers organic coffee drinks, pastries, baked treats & sandwiches.


Homes for sale:

pasted image 0 (6).png

253 Judson Ave San Francisco, CA 94112

3 beds 3 baths 2,156 sqft : $1,789,000

pasted image 0 (5).png

430 Gennessee St San Francisco, CA 94127

3 beds 2 baths : $1,095,000



Saying that Bayview is in the middle of a major transition would be the understatement of the century. With homes at ½ - ⅓ of the price per square foot as those in other parts of the city, it offers a very affordable alternative for those who aren’t quite ready to leave the San Francisco nest. The food / coffee scene is especially one that you’d be able to enjoy if you lived there.

Walkability Score : 82

Transit Score : 68

Cafes :

pasted image 0 (4).png

Flora grubb

Modern, open-air gardening center offers unique plants, decor items, chic pottery & an espresso bar.


Homes for sale:

pasted image 0 (3).png

1459 Shafter Ave San Francisco, CA 94124

3 beds 4 baths 2,028 sqft : $959,000


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